Did you know it’s possible to quickly jump to important dates with the click of a key? NetSuite’s date field shortcuts provide this helpful capability.

NetSuite Date Fields

Throughout NetSuite, there are many different kinds of fields. One of the most common and important fields is the date field. Early this week, our lead developer, Stephen Lemp, stumbled across a very important shortcut for these fields. It’s important to note that this tip will only apply to the Date field and not the Date/Time field, unfortunately.


There are five keyboard shortcuts that are available for anyone to use. (Note the case sensitivity.)

  1. “y”: Yesterday
  2. “t”: Today
  3. “T”: Tomorrow
  4. “l”: End of last month
  5. “m”: End of current month

After we discovered an initial shortcut, we immediately began to explore every letter of the alphabet on our keyboards. The only keyboard that NetSuite seems to support are the five listed above.

In order to use these shortcuts, all one needs to do is simply click on a date field in edit mode (as if you were going to edit the date) and type one of these shortcuts on the keyboard (y, t, T, l, m). It is also possible to refer to other specific days by using the plus and minus signs. For example, “t++” would refer to two days from today, while “t—” would refer to three days before today.

To clarify, there is no need for any browser extensions. These shortcuts are provided by NetSuite and are available for all users across differing browsers.


There are numerous nifty shortcut gems throughout NetSuite waiting to be found. If you are ever in the mood for improving your NetSuite processes or in mastering NetSuite to sound intelligent to a friend, check out the NetSuite tips section on our website. We have dozens of articles on all things NetSuite, including special tips like this one. Examples include, Minimizing Portlets to Improve Speed, Show Saved Search List When Only One Result, The NetSuite Performance Details Tool, and much more!