We are a top NetSuite consulting firm that believes in the transformative capability of this cloud-based ERP solution. Unleash the power of NetSuite, run operations seamlessly, and generate exponential growth with our complete range of services.  


Your NetSuite Partner

At SuiteRep, we help you simplify your critical business processes, such as order-to-cash, procure-to-pay, inventory management, and financial reporting, to make the most of NetSuite.


NetSuite implementation consultant


NetSuite Implementation

  • Analyze workflows, map to NetSuite modules, & identify customization needs.
  • Expert tailoring of NetSuite (Financials, CRM, Inventory, etc.), understanding record types & fields.
  • Secure transfer, data mapping, & SuiteScript for complex imports. 
  • Rigorous QA with SuiteBuilder tools for seamless go-live. 


NetSuite Consultation

  • Strategic recommendations aligned with SuiteCloud best practices. 
  • Insights into NetSuite module, saved search, & reporting utilization.
  • Role-based user training, adoption strategies leveraging SuiteAnswers, & ongoing support. 
Conversation with NetSuite consultants
NetSuite developer working on a laptop


NetSuite Development

  • Unique functionality creation using SuiteBuilder. 
  • Advanced scripting (1.0 & 2.0) for automation, logic, & events.
  • Connect NetSuite with external systems using RESTlets, SOAP, SuiteTalk, & connectors. 


NetSuite Managed Services

  • User management, roles & permissions, subsidiary setup, & SuiteBundler. 
  • Seamless updates, sandbox testing, & release preview assessment. 
  • Proactive issue resolution & technical assistance with NetSuite debugging tools. 
Consultants doing NetSuite managed services
Post go-live NetSuite support


NetSuite Post Go-Live Support

  • Empower your team with SuiteAnswers, custom guides, & role-based training.
  • Identify bottlenecks using SuiteAnalytics, saved searches, or custom reports. 
  • Responsive support. 


NetSuite Customization

  • Streamline processes with SuiteFlow, including action states & triggers.
  • Tailored layouts, SuiteScript calculations, & visualizations (potentially Advanced PDF/HTML). 
  • Enable data flow using RESTlets, SOAP, SuiteTalk, Celigo, or other middleware.  
NetSuite customization
NetSuite customization optimization


NetSuite Optimization

  • Identify bottlenecks with the Performance Health Dashboard, audit logs, & SuiteScript debugger. 
  • Improve efficiency (N/search, N/record best practices) & use asynchronous scripts.
  • Advanced tools, SuiteAnalytics workbooks, & optimized saved searches.  

Working with SuiteRep has been an absolute pleasure. Their professionalism, attention to detail and proactive communication have truly exceeded my expectations. Their team’s willingness to go above and beyond to accommodate requests have been invaluable. SuiteRep consistently delivers high-quality work timely and within budget, making them a trusted partner. I highly recommend SuiteRep to anyone seeking reliable and top-notch NetSuite consultations. I look forward to continuing a successful collaboration with SuiteRep in the future.

Susan, Director of Accounting

SuiteRep has done an amazing job in improving our Netsuite environment. They’re extremely capable and wonderful to work with, helping us with not only ongoing system maintenance but also improving the systems overall, leading to incredible efficiencies and automation for my team. [I would recommend SuiteRep to] truly anyone who uses Netsuite! We all know the system isn’t the most user friendly but SuiteRep makes it a much better experience for us.  

Christine, VP of Finance & Operations

SuiteRep was responsive and attentive to the many questions we asked in order to gain the confidence necessary to handle ACH Direct Origination on our own. I’d recommend SuiteRep to NetSuite users who feel overwhelmed or nervous at the prospect of figuring out a new process on their own.

Areti, Director of Accounting

SuiteRep was instrumental in business continuity when 2/3 of the Business Applications team unexpectedly turned over in the span of 2 months. They were very supportive as we began the search to back-fill and upgrade the team. They allowed us to continue to meet the needs of our internal customers. As someone who does not have a background in NetSuite, I also appreciate their knowledge and insights into how NetSuite should function. The other benefits have included having access to a development resource, documentation of their work, and a trusted NetSuite partner. I would recommend SuiteRep to any business that uses NetSuite and does not have the budget to fully staff a Business Applications team with NetSuite Admins and Developers. They have been great partners for several years.

Heather, Group Controller

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Our CUSTOM NetSuite Solutions

Inventory Aging Report

The Inventory Aging Report shows the age of your inventory using customizable monthly increments.

Dead Stock Report

Our NetSuite Dead Stock Report takes the guesswork out of identifying and addressing your dead stock. 

Scheduled Search Export

Securely share saved search information with the SuiteRep Scheduled Search Export.


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