NetSuite for Service Businesses

Streamline operations and enhance customer experiences with NetSuite for service businesses 


Optimize Operations and Drive Growth with NetSuite for Service Businesses 

NetSuite provides a unified platform to manage all core business processesfrom CRM and accounting to billing and HR. With real-time analytics, NetSuite boosts efficiency and accelerates growth. 

    For service businesses, NetSuite offers purpose-built tools like customer self-service portals, resource management for capacity planning, time tracking, flexible invoicing, and reporting on utilization and profitability. These enable service firms to optimize staffing, ensure accurate project costing, automate processes, and enhance client experiences. Ultimately, NetSuite is a powerful solution that allows service companies to scale rapidly. 

    Trusted by Leading Service Organizations to Transform Their Business 


    Tackle the Biggest Obstacles Holding Back Service Firms 

    Service companies struggle to manage numerous moving parts while maintaining quality and profitability. Complex challenges slow growth and impact customer satisfactionbut the right technology can help transform these pain points into competitive advantages. 

    Key Pain Points and Process Challenges:

      • Resource management headaches balancing utilization and capacity 
      • Limited visibility into real-time profitability by project 
      • Manual processes around billing, invoicing, and revenue recognition 
      • Poor visibility for field service teams and remote workers 


      • No centralized customer database with holistic client insights 
      • Difficulty accurately forecasting and budgeting with many variables 
      • Tedious switching between disparate accounting, CRM, and HCM tools 
      • Imprecise time and expense tracking lead to incorrect project costing 


        Customer Relationship Management

        • Unified customer profile across all lines of business 
        • Targeted marketing campaigns to drive conversions 
        • Self-service client portal to manage requests & billing 
        • CRM workflows to enhance rep productivity 

        Project Management 

        • Plan resource capacity across all active projects 
        • Provide quotes incorporating project budget targets 
        • Capture employee & subcontractor timesheets 
        • Automated alerts on milestones, delays, or budget overages 
        netsuite electronic bank payments


        • Streamline approval routing for purchase requests 
        • Manage vendor terms, discounts, and payments 
        • Spot discounts for bulk purchases across jobs 
        • Pay bills and reconcile against POs received 

        Payroll Management 

        • Pay contractors by customized wage rates 
        • Define unlimited custom earnings/deductions rules 
        • Automate commission calculations from revenue 
        • Flexible payroll schedules for field techs 
          Compliance and reporting
          customer service

          Project Billing 

          • Bill by completed milestones or performance 
          • Recognize revenue based on progress % complete 
          • Establish flexible billing rules per project 
          • Send branded invoices and manage collections 

          Financial Management 

          • Unified general ledger across the enterprise 
          • Allocate shared project expenses 
          • Consistent accounting across subsidiaries 
          • Automated multi-currency management 

            NetSuite workflow automations

            Human Capital Management 

            • Skills-based employee self service & learning 
            • Competency management integrated with projects 
            • Automated succession planning based on skills fit 
            • HR workflows aligned to business objectives 

            Business Intelligence 

            • Personalized executive dashboards 
            • Drill from high-level metrics down to transactions 
            • Out-of-the-box KPIs and benchmarking 
            • Real-time visibility into any service metric 
              TARGETED GROWTH

              Level Up Performance with NetSuite Tailored for Services 

              NetSuite provides an agile platform to transform how services organizations operate, make decisions, and grow. By implementing NetSuite, professional services, managed services, and field services companies can: 

                • Improve productivity with automated processes 
                • Enhance resource utilization with capacity planning 
                • Precisely track project budgets and profitability 
                • Optimize staffing mix using skills management 
                • Streamline billing workflows with custom rules 
                • Expand services with integrated CRM and marketing 
                • Deliver excellent customer experiences 
                • Gain a unified view of the business in real-time 
                • Scale rapidly with the flexibility to change

                Working with SuiteRep has been an absolute pleasure. Their professionalism, attention to detail and proactive communication have truly exceeded my expectations. Their team’s willingness to go above and beyond to accommodate requests have been invaluable. SuiteRep consistently delivers high-quality work timely and within budget, making them a trusted partner. I highly recommend SuiteRep to anyone seeking reliable and top-notch NetSuite consultations. I look forward to continuing a successful collaboration with SuiteRep in the future.

                Susan, Director of Accounting

                SuiteRep has done an amazing job in improving our Netsuite environment. They’re extremely capable and wonderful to work with, helping us with not only ongoing system maintenance but also improving the systems overall, leading to incredible efficiencies and automation for my team. [I would recommend SuiteRep to] truly anyone who uses Netsuite! We all know the system isn’t the most user friendly but SuiteRep makes it a much better experience for us.  

                Christine, VP of Finance & Operations

                SuiteRep was responsive and attentive to the many questions we asked in order to gain the confidence necessary to handle ACH Direct Origination on our own. I’d recommend SuiteRep to NetSuite users who feel overwhelmed or nervous at the prospect of figuring out a new process on their own.

                Areti, Director of Accounting

                SuiteRep was instrumental in business continuity when 2/3 of the Business Applications team unexpectedly turned over in the span of 2 months. They were very supportive as we began the search to back-fill and upgrade the team. They allowed us to continue to meet the needs of our internal customers. As someone who does not have a background in NetSuite, I also appreciate their knowledge and insights into how NetSuite should function. The other benefits have included having access to a development resource, documentation of their work, and a trusted NetSuite partner. I would recommend SuiteRep to any business that uses NetSuite and does not have the budget to fully staff a Business Applications team with NetSuite Admins and Developers. They have been great partners for several years.

                Heather, Group Controller

                Why Choose SUITEREP as Your NetSuite Services Partner?

                Comprehensive Services Experience 

                Our consultants help guide our clients on best practices for professional services automation (PSA), field service management (FSM), and global services deployments.

                Industry Know-How 

                We understand service organizations’ unique needs. Our tailored approach delivers relevant processes, KPIs, reporting, and integrations. 

                  Unmatched Reliability  

                  We strive to ensure adaptations meet all complex business requirements. 

                  Faster Time-to-Value 

                  We target deep services industry functionality, allowing rapid returns from automation, efficiency, and a unified view of your business on NetSuite. 

                  Get Started with the PROVEN Services Experts 

                  Connect with one of our specialists today to schedule a consultation and solution demo. We’ll explore your top priorities, pains, and goals to showcase how our purpose-built accelerators can get you results faster. 


                  How does NetSuite compare to specialized PSA/FSM solutions?

                  NetSuite provides unified ERP combined with native PSA and FSM capabilities for integrated service delivery, resourcing, and finance management. For many service firms, this eliminates the need for multiple disconnected systems. 

                  Can NetSuite support billing for recurring/subscription services?

                  Yes, NetSuite enables complex recurring revenue management and billing that are critical for managed services and subscription businesses. 

                  How configurable are the resource planning and utilization tools?

                  As an open platform, NetSuite allows extensive customization to match services workflows like skills-based assignments, demand forecasting, and capacity allocation planning. 

                  How tailored is NetSuite for my niche services vertical?

                  With flexible configuration aligned to industry best practices, NetSuite can model everything from creative agencies, to IT consultancies, to security system integrators. 

                  Does NetSuite offer mobility or technicians and consultants?

                  Yes, NetSuite provides native iOS/Android apps allowing field teams to access schedules, customer history, process orders and more.