NetSuite for Manufacturing

End-to-end visibility to optimize production workflows with NetSuite, the industry leading cloud platform for manufacturing 


Cloud ERP for Manufacturing Businesses

NetSuite provides a single cloud-based system unifying CRM, ERP, supply chain management, inventory control, and financials. This gives manufacturers real-time visibility across the product lifecycle. The unified data model and dashboard analytics empower timely and intelligent decision-making. 

    Purpose-built for complex manufacturing, NetSuite manages core processes from bill of materials and work order management to quality tracking and shop floor scheduling. Pre-configured workflows accelerate implementation while customizable role-based interfaces enhance user productivity.



    Costly Gaps in Manufacturing Ops and Technology

    Manufacturing organizations must meet rising demands, accelerate innovation, and improve qualityall while maximizing constrained resources. But rigid systems often impede reaching these goals and create pain, including: 

      • Hampered speed and agility from disjointed engineering, manufacturing, and service processes 
      • Static scheduling fails to account for variability, causing floor disruptions 
      • Manual data re-entry between the supply chain, production, and finance departments hinders quick and timely decision-making. 
      • No asset/line-level tracking restricts plant optimization. 


      Work Order Management

      • Flexible work order creation and routing  
      • Visual schedule optimization  
      • Scan-based labor and material tracking 

      Bill of Materials

      • Configurable/variant BOM support 
      • Real-time BOM accuracy  
      • Engineering change control 


        NetSuite wholesale distribution

        Manufacturing Quality 

        • Inspection management 
        • Corrective/preventative action 
        • Automated non-conformance triggers 

        Product Data Management 

        • Product specification centralization 
        • Engineering change tracking 
        • BOM/Routing management 
          Compliance and reporting

          Reporting and Analytics 

          • Real-time performance dashboards 
          • Drill-down to order details 
          • Customizable views and KPIs 

          Overhead Management

          • Activity-based allocation 
          • Multi-level absorption 
          • Pool definition flexibility 
          NetSuite System Analysis

          Material Requirements Planning 

          • Demand-driven planning  
          • Time-phased material plans 
          • Planned order integration  

          Inventory Management 

          • Lot and serial number tracking 
          • Quality management 
          • Supply and demand optimization 

          NetSuite workflow automations


          • Custom container definition 
          • Conversion rate management 
          • Container-level tracking 

          Standard Costing 

          • Detailed cost component tracking 
          • Formula/recipe cost rollups 
          • Labor rate tables 
          business meeting

          Benefits of NetSuite for Manufacturing

          NetSuite empowers manufacturers to accelerate product innovation by unifying product lifecycle management with real-time visibility across engineering, manufacturing operations, and service delivery. 

            • Shorten new product introduction through enterprise-wide collaboration 
            • Streamline engineering change control processes 
            • Boost planning productivity with optimized, automated tools 
            • Improve OEE through real-time production tracking  
            • Increase responsiveness with shop floor mobility 
            • Improve schedule adherence with constraint-aware scheduling
            • Lower quality management costs 
            • Expedite root cause identification and correction 
            • Increase production efficiency with pre-built KPIs 
            • Reduce scrap and rework through data-driven insights 

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            Susan, Director of Accounting

            SuiteRep has done an amazing job in improving our Netsuite environment. They’re extremely capable and wonderful to work with, helping us with not only ongoing system maintenance but also improving the systems overall, leading to incredible efficiencies and automation for my team. [I would recommend SuiteRep to] truly anyone who uses Netsuite! We all know the system isn’t the most user friendly but SuiteRep makes it a much better experience for us.  

            Christine, VP of Finance & Operations

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            Areti, Director of Accounting

            Why Choose SUITEREP as Your NetSuite Partner?

            Our Client-Centric DNA 

            Client success is hardwired into our DNA. Our solutions are purpose-built with your environment in mindfrom shop floor mobility to quality templates to optimized planning. 

            Customized Deployments 

            We focus on understanding and optimizing your operations within NetSuite rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach. By addressing your key pain points, we can have you realizing substantial operational gains from NetSuite in a matter of weeks. With SuiteRep, going live faster is business as usual. 

              Adoption Through Expert Guidance 

              We don’t just implement software and leave the outcomes to chance. Our partnership ensures enduring success by training role-based usersshop floor and officeand providing continuous support. User adoption is no afterthought with SuiteRep.  

              Your Ongoing Performance Partner 

              We realize enduring business impact through continuous improvement initiativesguided by accurate production metrics. Others may just handle the implementation, but we are your partner in leveraging NetSuite for long-term, measurable gains.

              Future-Proofing Manufacturing Operations 

              We stay ahead of technology innovations like IIoT, smart factory tech to keep producers agile. And we bring core planning, and scheduling processes into the 21st century. Partner with SuiteRep to transform today while preparing for tomorrow. 

              Let’s Talk TRANSFORMATION

              The time for change is nowmake SuiteRep your go-to partner to accelerate innovation, compress timelines, increase visibility, and future-proof your organization. Take the first step, and let’s talk about transformation! 


              How can cloud ERP streamline our production management processes?

              Cloud-based ERP like NetSuite centralizes production workflows, planning, quality management, inventory, and more on a unified platform. This provides real-time visibility into the entire manufacturing lifecycle and the ability to make data-driven decisions faster. 

              What does the NetSuite implementation timeline look like?

              Each implementation timeline will vary based on the size of the company and number of processes they are moving into NetSuite. We work closely with our clients to select a reasonably timeline that allows you to go live and start realizing value as soon as possible.

              How can NetSuite manage our global manufacturing locations?

              NetSuite delivers multi-site visibilitymanaging multi-subsidiary financials and operations across global facilities with real-time roll-ups and drill-downs into local workflows. 

              What are some key manufacturing metrics you focus on?

              We’ll focus on increasing gross margins, reducing scrap/waste, improving plant utilization, shortening cash conversion cycles, and optimizing production/labor scheduling.