NetSuite for Wholesale Distribution

Optimize purchasing, warehouse management, and delivery with NetSuite for wholesale distribution 


Purpose-Built Cloud ERP for Wholesale Distribution

NetSuite offers comprehensive process automation across the wholesale distribution life cyclefrom purchasing all the way through delivery. NetSuite eliminates disjointed workflows that impede efficiency and scalability by uniting all core operational systems for inventory, warehousing, order orchestration, shipping, accounting, and analytics into a single cloud platform.  

    Purpose-built distribution capabilities optimize productivity, accuracy, and customer service as orders flow rapidly from procurement to final delivery. Key features include barcode scanning and printing, serial/lot number tracking, multiple warehouse inventory transfers, direct 3PL system integration to orchestrate fulfilment and tight links to route planning solutions.  



    How Outdated Systems Hold Distributors Back

    Wholesale distributors must synchronize complex, high-volume supply chain operations while running on razor-thin margins. However, distributors often face serious roadblocks from outdated systems and information silos that impede productivity and responsiveness. Common distribution pain points include:  

      • Limited inventory visibility resulting in frequent stockouts and overstocks
      • No integration between warehouse, order, and delivery data
      • Difficult to optimize delivery routes and logistics
      • Manual order processing slowing throughput and increasing errors
      • Reliance on Excel for reporting hampers data-driven decisions
      • On-premise software lacks flexibility and cuts into margins

      Scale On Your Terms with Built-In Distribution DNA 

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      Financial Management

      • Automate AR/AP and the general ledger across subsidiaries  
      • Revenue recognition, fixed assets, budgeting/planning 
      • Custom financial reporting and dashboards 


      Warehouse & Inventory Management 

      • Barcode scanning, serial/lot tracking  
      • Putaway and wave planning 
      • Replenishment, cycle counting  
      • 3PL/WMS integration
      NetSuite wholesale distribution
      NetSuite customization optimization


      Purchasing & Supplier Management

      • Automated PO generation   
      • Landed cost management 
      • Vendor self-service and collaboration 
      • Budget vs. actuals tracking 


      Order Management & Fulfillment 

      • Omnichannel order orchestration 
      • Real-time inventory visibility   
      • Pick/pack workflows 
      • EDI order processing 
      NetSuite customization
      NetSuite Consultants


      Manufacturing & Quality Control

      • Production planning, scheduling  
      • Work order and WIP tracking 
      • Quality management testing 
      • Lot and serial genealogy   


        Transportation Management 

        • Load building and route optimization 
        • Driver mobile app and ELD integrations 
        • Signature capture and exception handling 
        Distribution transportation
        Overdue Invoices


        Business Insights & Analytics 

        • Custom reports and dashboards 
        • Real-time metrics/KPIs 
        • Data discovery and visualization 
        • Predictive analytics/demand sensing   


          Commerce & Website Management 

          • B2B ecommerce platform  
          • Self-service account management  
          • Integrated payment processing 
          NetSuite customization

          Benefits of NetSuite for Wholesale Distribution

          Wholesale distribution carries slim margins, making efficiency and visibility imperative to profitability. NetSuite ERP provides an agile cloud solution to automate workflows while delivering real-time data to optimize operations with:  

            • Unified platform connecting ordering, inventory, warehousing, transportation, and financials
            • Omnichannel order orchestration and fulfillment workflow automation
            • Inventory optimization across multiple warehouses, with scanning and wave planning 
            • Integrated shipping label generation, routing guides, customs docs, appointment scheduling 
            • Self-service B2B portals to digitize ordering and account management
            • Dashboards with actionable insights into KPIs like order cycle times, turnover, and margins
            • Flexible customization, global expansion, and ecosystem integrations as you grow

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            Why Choose SUITEREP as Your NetSuite Partner?

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              How can NetSuite improve my supply chain workflows?

              NetSuite builds seamless workflows for order-to-cash, procurement, inventory, warehousing, and logisticsconnecting your ecosystem to run lean. 

              Can NetSuite scale globally as we expand to new regions?

              Yes, NetSuite powers multi-national, multi-subsidiary enterprises across 100+ countries and 20+ languages—with global compliance built-in. 

              What NetSuite products are tailored for my industry?

              SuiteCommerce, SDSN, and EDI handle your sales channels, while ERP, Supply Chain, and Omnichannel provide back-office optimization.

              How do I ensure maximum value from my NetSuite investment?

              Focus on change management and user adoption from the start. Leverage managed services and training to optimize processes over time continually. 

              What does a typical migration from legacy systems entail?

              Phased transitions minimize disruption. Custom code future-proofs your investment. ROI analysis informs your optimization roadmap. NetSuite manages transitions smoothly end-to-end.