Identify Dead Stock

With the SuiteRep Dead Stock Report

The Dead Stock Report empowers you to . . .

Optimize Purchases

Are you purchasing inventory that never reaches a sales order? The Dead Stock Report identifies those unsellable items, allowing you to focus purchases on inventory that sells.

Manage Inventory

The Dead Stock Report gives you a snapshot of all the items that are taking up space in your warehouse—without the potential of turning a profit.

Reduce Overall Loss

Dead stock is often a write-off, but the sooner you identify your dead stock, the sooner you can start strategizing creative ways to reduce your overall loss on those items.

Need more information? Check out our Dead Stock Report FAQs.

What exactly does the Dead Stock report show?

The Dead Stock Report shows the following data: (1) Age (calculated as Days from Last Sale); (2) Item; (3) Total Value (calculated as Purchase Price x Total Number of an Item); Quantity Available; Quantity On Hand; Quantity On Order; Last Sale; Last Transaction; Last Received; Transaction ID; Sales Rep; Customer.

What does the report look like?

The report is housed in NetSuite, but it’s not just a generic NetSuite report. Our report uses a new, modern UI that is clean and user friendly.

How involved will I be?

We’ll be working closely with you throughout the short process. On our first call with you, you’ll get a demo of the Dead Stock Report. If you like what you see, we’ll send over our solution agreement for you to sign. You’ll need to give us access to your NetSuite account, and we’ll actually implement the report live on another call.

Who will I be working with?

The actual report implementation will be done by one of our experienced, in-house NetSuite developers in the US. 

Can I request superficial changes to the report?

Absolutely! Minor tweaks (renaming columns or moving them around) are things we can do while on the implementation call with you without affecting the solution cost. 

Can I request major changes to the report?

Sure! However, more substantive changes to the report will result in additional charges. Just let us know what exactly you need the report to do when we’re on the demo call, and we can give you an idea for the timeline and pricing of getting those changes. 

Do you offer post-implementation support on the report?

The solution package includes free, unlimited post-implementation support if any of the original, core report functionality breaks. Just shoot us a message or hop on a call with us to let us know what you need!

Do you have more inventory management reports like this one?

If you’re interested in our Dead Stock report, you may want to check out our Inventory Aging Report. This is another type of report that is immensely useful in the distribution world that NetSuite doesn’t offer natively. 

Here are the steps to getting the Dead Stock Report.

Book a call with us.

On the call, we’ll do a demo of the report.

Sign our solution agreement and give us access to your account.

We’ll do a live implementation on another call. 

Ready to identify and eliminate your dead stock?