Finding Flexibility by Extending Saved Search Dates

Have you ever wondered about extending saved search dates? You’ve seen NetSuite’s built-in date options on searches, where you can select something like “Today,” “End of Next Business Week,” or “Same Day Last Fiscal Year.” If you need some additional flexibility with those date options, try this simple SQL function in the formula box wherever you are in NetSuite:


That function simply says 1) take today, 2) add 14 days to it, 3) give me the next Friday following that date: that is to say, “End of Business Week After Next.”

The possibilities really are endless with just that one simple function. For instance, you can replace {today} with any number of other fields, like {trandate} or even {custbody_sr_date_sent_to_moon}. Or, replace FRIDAY with MONDAY.


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