Optimize NetSuite

With the SuiteRep NetSuite Health Check

Make your NetSuite account more . . .


We’ll run a UI Performance Check to analyze UI metrics, identifying any obstacles to a smooth and efficient user experience.


Our Integration Performance Check looks at the speed and reliability of data transfer between NetSuite and integrated platforms.


The Error Management check will point out Workflow Errors, SuiteScript Errors, and System Errors that impact data-integrity issues.

Need more information? Check out our Health Check FAQs.

How do I know if my NetSuite account needs a health check?

Unless you’ve recently had a comparable check run on your account, you’re likely due for a health check. Anytime multiple hands are involved in running a software, the potential for errors and performance glitches increases. Whether you’re just coming off an implementation and wanting to troubleshoot glaring issues or whether your account has been collecting problems for years, a NetSuite health check is helpful for anyone.

How long does the health check take?

Certain factors, such as how large your account is, how many scripts are running on records, and how many custom objects your account uses, will affect the timeline. We need time to gather an adequate amount of system data, analyze our findings, and put together an actionable report for you. But to put an exact number on it, you’ll have the results of the health check in as few as two weeks or as many as four.

How involved will I be?

Your part in the health check will include meeting with us at the front end of the project to share your primary concerns, making sure we can acquire the data we need from your account, and then meeting with us at the end of the project to go over the results and our recommendations. But we’ll be doing all the heavy lifting of pulling data from NetSuite and analyzing it. 

Who will I be working with?

You’ll be paired with one of our certified, in-house team members in the US. Your dedicated team member will work with you throughout the health check process to ensure you have an excellent experience while getting crucial information about your NetSuite account.

What do I get from the check?

At the end of your check, we will have a follow-up meeting to share our compiled results and to give you our recommended next steps. While we don’t perform those steps as part of the health check, in the follow-up meeting we can share your options to partner with us.

What do I do with the results of the check?

This is completely up to you. Working with us on the health check does not lock you in to working with us on the results of your check—although we are always available and happy to help. In your follow-up meeting, we can begin a conversation about partnering with us to optimize your NetSuite account based on our findings from the health check. 

Here’s what to expect from the NetSuite Health Check.

We’ll meet with you and hear your top concerns.

We’ll run diagnostics on your system.

We’ll use our findings to create a system story.

We’ll share our recommendations in a follow-up call.*

*DISCLAIMER: We cannot guarantee that following our suggestions will result in automatic improvements to your system.

Ready to have your system diagnosed in as little as two weeks?