What is a NetSuite Administrator?

An Introduction to NetSuite Administrators

What exactly is a NetSuite administrator? Let’s get a quick overview of NetSuite administrators—who they are, what they do, and who would need them.

Who Are NetSuite Administrators?

First, who are they? What are the educational backgrounds, skill sets, and personal aptitudes that you would expect to see in a NetSuite administrator?

At the core, NetSuite administrators are individuals who understand and support a company’s NetSuite system. In order to fulfill their role, they have complete access to every part of the company’s NetSuite instance. They need to have both a working knowledge of NetSuite as well as a familiarity with the business processes of the company they work for.

As far as the optimum educational background, a degree in business (particularly with a good deal of exposure to the financial processes of businesses) would serve NetSuite admins well. Having a firm grasp of best business processes and practices will help the administrator know how best to configure NetSuite to meet the company’s needs.

While many companies have a full-time NetSuite administrator, smaller companies may find their needs don’t warrant a full-time position. In those cases, independent NetSuite consulting and developing firms may be able to step in and fill the role of an administrator when the need arises.

NetSuite administrators need to have a keen eye for detail and organization, as well as strong communication skills in order to best fulfill their role.

What Do NetSuite Administrators Do?

So, what do they do?

When a company first starts using NetSuite, the NetSuite administrator is invaluable in the NetSuite implementation process. Administrators also ensure that all NetSuite users are ready for both the initial implementation as well as any subsequent updates to the system.

NetSuite admins are also typically responsible for the day-in and day-out tasks of keeping NetSuite running for a company. If a record needs to be customized, or a saved search created, or a user’s permissions changed, the NetSuite administrator is typically the one to do it.

Essentially, whenever users experience bumps in the NetSuite system, the administrator is the go-to problem-solver.

Who Would Need a NetSuite Administrator?

Finally, who would need a NetSuite administrator?

Pretty much anyone who uses NetSuite would also have use for a NetSuite administrator. Companies that lack the internal NetSuite expertise to perform all the tasks of a NetSuite admin would want to reach out to independent NetSuite consulting and developing firms to supply any necessary administrator services.

Why SuiteRep?

So where does SuiteRep come in? Here are SuiteRep, we have skilled NetSuite administrators, consultants, and developers that can provide assistance for your company either on-demand or through a membership agreement. If your business doesn’t have the internal NetSuite expertise you need to run NetSuite smoothly and efficiently, reach out to us. With SuiteRep you can rest assured you are in good hands with qualified professionals who understand NetSuite, value quality work, and prioritize meeting your needs.

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