Introduction to NetSuite 

What is NetSuite?

If you’re new to NetSuite, welcome! We trust that this page will give you a better overall grasp of NetSuite. We’ll answer some of your most basic questions, like . . . (1) What is NetSuite? (2) Who uses NetSuite? and (3) Why may NetSuite be what your company needs?

NetSuite ERP

First, NetSuite is an ERP—an Enterprise Resource Planning software. So what does that mean for you? As a full ERP, NetSuite can manage all of your business processes. Does your company have an accounting system? An inventory management system? A way to keep track of HR and CRM? NetSuite can do all those things—and much more!

NetSuite Users

So who can use NetSuite? The short answer is anyone! Over 26,000 businesses worldwide currently use NetSuite. These businesses cover a wide range of industries, including everything from agriculture, manufacturing, and software to healthcare, retail, and marketing. Basically, if your business does it, NetSuite does it!

NetSuite Benefits

Why would a business—like yours—choose to use NetSuite? What are some of the benefits? (Besides, of course, the very minor benefit of bringing all your business processes under one comprehensive software!) We’re so glad you asked! In a nutshell, NetSuite’s primary benefits are that it is (1) accessible, (2) customizable, and (3) scalable.


NetSuite is a cloud-based business software, which means that you and your team can easily access your data from anywhere, whether you’re working in the office, the warehouse, or even your home. You may be concerned about the integrity of your company’s information with such an easily accessed software, but don’t worry! NetSuite’s got you covered with its comprehensive system of roles and permissions. Having access to all your company’s data 24/7 from wherever you are empowers you to make timely decisions for your business.


NetSuite is also highly customizable. With features like saved searches, custom fields, workflows, and dashboards, NetSuite allows you to personalize your experience so that you and your company get the most out of your ERP investment. In addition to these user-friendly front-end features, NetSuite’s SuiteScript enables developers to further customize what NetSuite does for you through coding on the back end of the software. As a result of NetSuite’s customizability, your experience of NetSuite can be as flexible and varied as you need it to be.


In addition to being accessible and customizable, NetSuite is scalable. Is your business growing? Are your systems starting to feel the strain of your growth? NetSuite can comfortably support your business where you are today—and keep up with where you’re going tomorrow! For one thing, NetSuite consists of a variety of modules, and you only pay for what you actually use. Modularity means NetSuite seamlessly upscales as your business grows. In addition, NetSuite’s OneWorld enables companies with multiple subsidiaries to coordinate and integrate systems across subsidiaries. NetSuite’s scalability ensures that your company—and you!—will not be held back by limited systems from reaching your fullest potential.

Key NetSuite Roles

When it comes to making NetSuite actually work for a company, three key roles are required: consultants, administrators, and developers.

NetSuite Consultants

NetSuite consultants provide advice and direction about best NetSuite practices for businesses. While some of them may work for only one company, many NetSuite consultants can be found in independent NetSuite consulting and developing firms, where they can assist multiple NetSuite clients either on-demand or through a membership.

NetSuite Administrators

While NetSuite consultants provide more of the theoretical direction in using NetSuite, NetSuite administrators are the hands-on, day-to-day managers of a company’s NetSuite system. Most larger companies will want to have a full-time NetSuite administrator on hand, but smaller companies may find that outsourcing their NetSuite admin work to independent consulting and developing firms is the better option.

NetSuite Developers

NetSuite developers are the secret weapon of any company that uses NetSuite. These individuals use SuiteScript, a scripting language based on JavaScript, to customize pretty much anything they want in NetSuite. They help companies to discover new and improved uses of the NetSuite system. Companies that require the skills of a NetSuite developer will typically get access to these developers through independent consulting and developing firms either on-demand or through a membership. 

Why SuiteRep?

So where does SuiteRep come in? We get it—transitioning to an ERP like NetSuite can be a daunting task. But SuiteRep has many years of experience helping businesses make this transition as seamlessly as possible, and we would love to do the same for you! Our consultants, administrators, and developers have also helped to successfully train and prepare users on best processes and workflows. With SuiteRep you can rest assured you are in good hands with qualified professionals who understand NetSuite, value quality work, and prioritize meeting your needs.

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