Master Cost Calculator

The Problem

Accurately calculating the total cost of an item can be tricky because of all the factors that go into it, but doing so is vital to ensuring you’re making good margin on your sales—and with today’s global supply chain issues, it’s never been more important to keep up with the ever-changing costs. Often, businesses are reduced to tracking their costs and pricing in Excel and updating the prices in NetSuite via CSV Import, simply because NetSuite doesn’t have a good method to calculate costs and store them in the system. But what if there were a simple way for you to do this in NetSuite?

The SuiteRep Solution

SuiteRep’s Master Cost Calculator enables you to do just that, giving you increased visibility into what your costs are for all your items and allowing you to easily update your item pricing accordingly.


Here’s how it works. The MCC shows various pricing variables, including factors that affect both the landed cost and the selling cost. For example, landed cost variables could include things like freight cost per CBM, an overhead percentage, insurance cost, drayage cost, and destuffing cost. Possible selling cost variables would include things like commission rate, rebate percentage, and the outbound freight percentage.

You may find yourself frequently using the same combinations of variables. Instead of manually choosing the values of these variables when you create a Price Calculation record, you could simply create different MCC variable sets on which you can preconfigure specific cost settings.

As you create a variable set, you can determine how different freight options would affect the variables. Then, when you create a new Price Calculation record you simply need to choose the appropriate variable set and specify the freight type.  The variable set and freight type you choose will automatically fill in the cost variable fields on the record. However, you can also manually adjust any of the variables as needed.

Once you’ve set your variables, all you have to do is add items to the Price Calculation record. The total cost and the resulting price of your items will automatically be calculated for you. 

Master Cost Calculator Features

Customizable features for different business types

Scheduled price updates

Customizable cost variables

Intuitive user interface

Quick installation




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Reach Us

If you’re interested in a free consultation, call, text or email us, and we will be glad to set something up!

+1 (864) 626-6423

Greenville, SC, USA