NetSuite Optimization

Getting the most out of your NetSuite investment takes experience. We know where the hidden bottlenecks, redundancies, and opportunities for automation lie within those out-of-the-box workflows. 


What is NETSUITE Optimization?

NetSuite optimization refers to the process of fine-tuning and enhancing an organization’s NetSuite ERP implementation to eliminate wasted resources, boost productivity, and achieve maximum value. This involves a detailed analysis of your unique business workflows, processes, and requirements to identify and address limitations, inefficiencies, and bottlenecks across the system. 


    Troubleshooting poor NetSuite performance starts with identifying the major pitfalls. Here are some common reasons for poor performance. 

    Overburdened Infrastructure

    • Inadequate CPU cores lead to contention 
    • Constrained memory limits simultaneous usage 
    • Undersized database space slows access

    Inefficient Customizations 

    • Complex custom scripts cause slow load times 
    • Excessive custom records/fields bloat database 
    • Hard-coded values reduce flexibility
      NetSuite Customer Experience

      Integration Spaghetti 

      • Too many synchronous calls stall process completion 
      • Bloated data imports impact performance 
      • Broken integrations corrupt data

      Limited Caching 

      • Minimized caching spikes DB resource usage 
      • Inadequate cache reset logic leads to data inconsistency
        Compliance and reporting
        NetSuite System Analysis

        Data Volume Overload 

        • 100K+ transaction lines per day strains database 
        • 1M+ inventory records drags down search speed 
        • 10+ years of history multiplies access times

        Unoptimized Workflows 

        • Redundant approval rules or reminders 
        • Misconfigured release processes bottleneck order fulfillment 
        • Broken or outdated workflow logic
        NetSuite workflow automations

        Old NetSuite Version 

        • Outdated NetSuite versions lack latest optimizations 
        • Continued customizations on stale platforms increase technical debt 
        • Forced to implement inefficient workarounds for missing functionality

        Poor Implementation Practices 

        • No phased rollout strains adoption 
        • Lack of training drives unused licenses 
        • Failure to set KPIs to guide optimization priority

        Firing on All Cylinders: END-TO-END NetSuite Optimization

        Our team of certified NetSuite consultants utilizes proven optimization methodologies and best practices to improve visibility, reporting, automation, integrations, customizations, and performance across all NetSuite modules. Some common focus areas include: 

        • Streamlining order/cash processes to reduce cycle times 
        • Automating approval workflows for orders and invoices 
        • Enhancing the procure-to-pay process through dynamic purchase ordering 
        • Implementing automated inter-company transaction handling 
        • Ensuring customizations follow upgrade best practices 
        • Optimizing roles, permissions, and field accessibility 
        • Improving dashboard KPIs and reporting 
        • Ensuring integrations, data imports, and exports are robust and scalable 


        NetSuite developer working on a laptop


        System & Data Audit

        • Holistic platform evaluation 
        • Infrastructure to integrations 
        • Identify quick win opportunities 


        Workflow Optimization 

        • Eliminate redundancies 
        • Automate manual processes 
        • Accelerate order-to-cash 


        Two NetSuite consultants
        NetSuite customization optimization


        Customization Enhancements 

        • Simplify over-customized areas 
        • Re-architect for stability and scale 
        • Increase version upgrade readiness 


          Reporting & Analytics 

          • Enrich real-time dashboards 
          • Automate KPI scorecards 
          • Enhance planning and analysis 
          NetSuite customization
          Overdue Invoices


          Integrations & EDI 

          • Synchronize touchpoints 
          • Expand connectivity 
          • Increase scalability 


          Advanced Configurations 

          • Tailor roles, permissions, and preferences 
          • Refine notifications and reminders 
          • Tune search, caching, and load balancing 
          Consultants doing NetSuite managed services
          Requesting a quote in NetSuite


          Ongoing Administration 

          • Quarterly health checks 
          • Proactive version upgrades 
          • Preventive maintenance 

          Working with SuiteRep has been an absolute pleasure. Their professionalism, attention to detail and proactive communication have truly exceeded my expectations. Their team’s willingness to go above and beyond to accommodate requests have been invaluable. SuiteRep consistently delivers high-quality work timely and within budget, making them a trusted partner. I highly recommend SuiteRep to anyone seeking reliable and top-notch NetSuite consultations. I look forward to continuing a successful collaboration with SuiteRep in the future.

          Susan, Director of Accounting

          SuiteRep has done an amazing job in improving our Netsuite environment. They’re extremely capable and wonderful to work with, helping us with not only ongoing system maintenance but also improving the systems overall, leading to incredible efficiencies and automation for my team. [I would recommend SuiteRep to] truly anyone who uses Netsuite! We all know the system isn’t the most user friendly but SuiteRep makes it a much better experience for us.  

          Christine, VP of Finance & Operations

          SuiteRep was responsive and attentive to the many questions we asked in order to gain the confidence necessary to handle ACH Direct Origination on our own. I’d recommend SuiteRep to NetSuite users who feel overwhelmed or nervous at the prospect of figuring out a new process on their own.

          Areti, Director of Accounting

          What to EXPECT after a NetSuite Optimization?

          A successfully optimized NetSuite system transforms business performance across metrics. Once our team completes the enhancement process, NetSuite ceases to be a constraint and begins accelerating your growth objectives instead. Expect to see significant improvements in the following areas: 

          Transaction Speed

          Dramatically faster transaction processing times

          Shorter Period Close

          Substantially shorter period closing cycles

          Shipment Optimization

          Sharply increase your on-time shipments

          Record Setup

          Much faster setup for new customers and other new records

          Higher Sales

          Considerably higher sales rep productivity

          Increased Profit

          Experience noticeably expanded profit margins

          SuiteRep: Your Go-To NetSuite OPTIMIZATION Partner

          Advanced NetSuite Expertise 

          Our team holds advanced NetSuite certifications and has optimized complex projects at organizations across a range of verticals. Our best practice methodologies are battle-tested to drive maximum impact. 

          Holistic ERP Alignment  

          We don’t silo our services by function. Our comprehensive assessments and experience with integrations will connect optimization dots across your entire NetSuite ecosystem. 

          Technical Customization Depth 

          Specializing in tailored customizations, we possess the expertise to simplify and re-architect custom platforms for stability as business needs evolve. 

          Rapid Time-to-Value 

          Our optimization approach balances technical debt reduction with quick-win automation and workflow improvementsaccelerating value delivery within just weeks. 

          Relentless Client Focus

          Our NetSuite consultants are dedicated to understanding and delivering on your primary objectives, while also providing guidance on industry and system best practices. 

          TRANSFORM Your ERP Today

          Don’t let your current ERP configuration constrain progress. Partner with the leading NetSuite professionals to maximize ROI across your technology investments. 


          How long does a typical project take?

          Our rapid approach balances technical debt reduction with quick wins, so clients see value in 6-8 weeks. Full transformations usually take 3-6 months depending on scope. 

          What size clients do you normally work with?

          We optimize NetSuite for small to large enterprises across a variety of industries.

          Can you optimize our heavily customized NetSuite instance?

          Absolutely. We have migrated and modernized many overly complex NetSuite instances, re-platforming with latest techniques to increase stability and support rapid changes. 

          What does NetSuite optimization cost?

          Pricing is based on scope of capabilities, number of users, and level of customization. Cost for smaller quick-win projects starts around $25,000. Larger 18-month transformations average from $150,000 to $500,000+. 

          Are there any recurring fees?

          No recurring feesour fixed-price programs and avoidance of surprise statements means we only succeed when our clients achieve ROI from optimizations.