Specializing in advanced NetSuite ERP solutions, our certified NetSuite developers deliver customized strategies to streamline your business processes.


End-to-End NETSUITE DEVELOPMENT from Certified NetSuite Developers

Our approach goes beyond generic ERP development. We offer full-spectrum NetSuite services that cover everything from initial consultancy to advanced NetSuite scripting and workflows, intricate third-party integrations, and consistent technical support. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current system or implement a new, robust ERP solution—our certified NetSuite developers guide you every step of the way. 


Why Partner with a SPECIALIZED NetSuite Developer?

A one-size-fits-all approach can harm your business processes. Partnering with a NetSuite developer helps you better adapt NetSuite to your business processes. If you can relate to any of the following questions, you should look into a NetSuite developer.

  • Are you looking for extensive SuiteScript customization
  • Do you need integration with third-party apps? 
  • Do you want to make your NetSuite workflows efficient?
  • Do you require tailored analytics in NetSuite?
  • Is your NetSuite ERP hindering growth? 
  • Do you want to leverage SuiteCloud for scalability?
  • Do you need a NetSuite solution for unique processes?
  • Do you want automation with NetSuite SuiteFlow?
  • Are you looking for seamless ERP data migration?
  • Is your NetSuite instance meeting compliance? 
  • Do you need custom NetSuite dashboard configurations?
  • Do you require a tailored NetSuite performance overhaul?


NetSuite ERP implementation partner


NetSuite ERP is a cloud-based all-in-one business management software suite that unites critical organizational systems and provides real-time visibility across key business operations such as financials, inventory, supply chain, manufacturing, CRM, marketing, commerce, and HR on a unified platform. This gives the complete command of your business back to you—along with the flexibility to add and customize modules for industry-specific needs. 


Financial Management

  • General Ledger 
  • Accounts Payable 
  • Accounts Receivable 
  • Cash Management 
  • Fixed Assets 
  • Tax Management 
  • Financial Reporting 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Sales Force Automation 
  • Marketing Automation 
  • Customer Service and Support 
  • Partner Relationship Management 

Order & Inventory Management

  • Order Management 
  • Inventory Management 
  • Demand Planning 
  • Procurement 
  • Vendor Management 

Supply Chain Management

  • Warehouse Management 
  • Transportation Management 
  • Supply Chain Planning 
  • Quality Management 

Production Management

  • Work Orders and Assemblies 
  • Bills of Materials 
  • Manufacturing Execution 
  • Shop Floor Control 
  • Product Data Management

Professional Services Automation (PSA)

  • Project Management 
  • Resource Management 
  • Time and Expense Tracking 
  • Billing and Invoicing 

Human Capital Management (HCM)

  • Payroll 
  • Benefits Administration 
  • Talent Acquisition 
  • Performance Management 
  • Learning Management 

    Platform & Integration

    • SuiteCloud Platform 
    • SuiteTalk Web Services 
    • SuiteScript Customization 
    • SuiteBundler Application Packaging 
    • SuiteApp Marketplace 


      • Web Store Management 
      • Product Catalog Management 
      • Order Processing 
      • Payment Processing 
      • Shipping and Fulfillment 

      Analytics & Reporting

      • Real-time Dashboards 
      • Prebuilt and Custom Reports 
      • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) 
      • Drill-down Capabilities 


      NetSuite Consultant


      NetSuite Implementation

      Handling account configuration, user setup, customizations, permissions, and process workflows per specifications. Follow protocols for optimal stability and performance. 


      NetSuite Customization

      Creating custom records, fields, UI forms, reports, KPI dashboards, portals, and code extensions to enhance native functionality. Use advanced JavaScript, SuiteScript, SuiteTalk, and RESTlet. 

      Consultants doing NetSuite managed services
      Compliance and reporting


      NetSuite Optimization

      Identifying opportunities to refine workflows, improve customizations, upgrade the interface, optimize performance, and run systematic NetSuite upgrades. Ensure continuity and value. 


      NetSuite Admin Support

      Providing user setup, role design, data modeling, issue resolution, configuration maintenance, and oversight of the NetSuite instance. Offer staffing models for long-term continuity. 

      NetSuite System Analysis
      Maximize NetSuite Return on Investment


      NetSuite Data Migration

      Designing custom ETL processes for legacy system migrations based on client data parameters. Adhere to leading practices for extracting, transforming, cleansing, and securely loading data into NetSuite. 

      Our CUSTOM NetSuite Solutions

      Inventory Aging Report

      The Inventory Aging Report shows the age of your inventory using customizable monthly increments.

      Dead Stock Report

      Our NetSuite Dead Stock Report takes the guesswork out of identifying and addressing your dead stock. 

      Scheduled Search Export

      Securely share saved search information with the SuiteRep Scheduled Search Export.


      With years of expertise in SuiteScript, workflows, custom records, and REST API integrations, we specialize in unique customizations tailored to complex business needs.

      SuiteScript Development

      • SuiteScript 2.x
      • Client Script, User Event Script, Suitelet Script 
      • Script Debugger Usage 
      • Script Modularization Best Practices 

      Workflow Automation

      • Workflow Builders: Map/Reduce, Basic Flows 
      • Custom Triggers: Field Value Changes 
      • Advanced Scheduled Workflows 
      • Workflow Activity Plugins 

        Custom Fields & Records

        • Adding Custom Fields & Forms 
        • New Record Creation & Customization 
        • Validation Rules & Formula Fields 

        Payment Gateways

        • PCI Compliance Standards 
        • Direct Bank Connectivity 
        • Revenue Recognition Setups

        PDF & HTML Templates

        • Advanced Print Template Building 
        • Custom Email Templates 
        • Electronic Bank Statement Parsing 

        API Integrations 

        • RESTlet, SOAP, and JSON 
        • Inbound & Outbound Data Exchange 
        • OAuth 2.0 Standards 
        • Token-Based Authentication

        EDI & Supply Chain Logistics

        • AS2, EDIINT & EDIFACT 
        • Demand Planning & Inventory Control 
        • 3PL/WMS Logistics Integrations 

          Working with SuiteRep has been an absolute pleasure. Their professionalism, attention to detail and proactive communication have truly exceeded my expectations. Their team’s willingness to go above and beyond to accommodate requests have been invaluable. SuiteRep consistently delivers high-quality work timely and within budget, making them a trusted partner. I highly recommend SuiteRep to anyone seeking reliable and top-notch NetSuite consultations. I look forward to continuing a successful collaboration with SuiteRep in the future.

          Susan, Director of Accounting

          SuiteRep has done an amazing job in improving our Netsuite environment. They’re extremely capable and wonderful to work with, helping us with not only ongoing system maintenance but also improving the systems overall, leading to incredible efficiencies and automation for my team. [I would recommend SuiteRep to] truly anyone who uses Netsuite! We all know the system isn’t the most user friendly but SuiteRep makes it a much better experience for us.  

          Christine, VP of Finance & Operations

          SuiteRep was responsive and attentive to the many questions we asked in order to gain the confidence necessary to handle ACH Direct Origination on our own. I’d recommend SuiteRep to NetSuite users who feel overwhelmed or nervous at the prospect of figuring out a new process on their own.

          Areti, Director of Accounting

          SuiteRep was instrumental in business continuity when 2/3 of the Business Applications team unexpectedly turned over in the span of 2 months. They were very supportive as we began the search to back-fill and upgrade the team. They allowed us to continue to meet the needs of our internal customers. As someone who does not have a background in NetSuite, I also appreciate their knowledge and insights into how NetSuite should function. The other benefits have included having access to a development resource, documentation of their work, and a trusted NetSuite partner. I would recommend SuiteRep to any business that uses NetSuite and does not have the budget to fully staff a Business Applications team with NetSuite Admins and Developers. They have been great partners for several years.

          Heather, Group Controller

          Why Choose SUITEREP for Your NetSuite Development Needs?

          Industry-Recognized Expertise

          Our teams hold numerous NetSuite certifications and have delivered hundreds of complex projects across sectors. This decorated expertise in niche technical areas like SuiteScript, workflows, and REST APIs allows us to customize NetSuite in ways others cannot. 

          Tailored Development Approach

          We don’t force rigid technical frameworks without understanding business contexts. Your strategic priorities guide our development methodology, not the other way around. This ensures solutions achieve operational objectives vs. just delivering scripts. 

          Transparent Communication

          Collaboration built on trust depends on transparency at every step, so lockstep progress tracking and clarity always set expectations correctly. We walk alongside you post-launch to ensure lasting adoption. 

          Sustainable Solutions

          We measure success not by output but by longstanding business impact through adaptable systems, optimized processes, and expanded capabilities that pay dividends for years. 

          Start Your Journey with a Skilled NETSUITE DEVELOPER Today

          Fulfill your organization’s true potential by exploring new frontiers hand-in-hand with specialists invested in long-term innovation. Let’s have an open conversation on how we can leverage leading technologies to conquer new possibilities for your enterprise together. The first step begins when you contact us. 


          What does a NetSuite developer do?

          NetSuite developers customize and extend client platform functionality by deploying scripting, integration, and process automation expertise. This includes building custom SuiteScripts, workflows, RESTlets, and UI elements to optimize transactions, reporting, data flows, and interfaces. Developers troubleshoot technical issues, provide ongoing support, and are instrumental in digital transformation initiatives on the platform. 

          What skills does a good NetSuite developer have?

          Expert NetSuite developers possess deep SuiteScript proficiency across script types like User Event, Client, Suitelet, and scheduled scripts. They display JavaScript mastery in modular script design and UI customization and are fluent in REST API principles. Understanding SOA architecture, SQL, and platform governance is vital. 

          How do I hire NetSuite developers?

          Vet developers thoroughly on both admin-side platform expertise and technical specialization. Ensure certified NS-Developer credentials and SuiteScript code samples proving complexity managed previously. Evaluate communication and analytical abilities alongside raw scripting strengths for senior roles. 

          Should I hire a freelancer or agency NetSuite developer?

          Freelance developers can have narrowly focused skill sets but need more oversight and governance. Agencies provide blended technical teams but at a managed cost premium. When deciding between the two approaches, evaluate project scope, availability needs, and knowledge transfer goals. 

          What does a NetSuite developer cost?

          For US-based talent, developer pricing is usually $100-$150 per hour. Offshore and staff augmentation drive rates closer to $60 hourly. Budget for certification costs, longer timelines with offshore resources. Expect a minimum of $15K for minor custom work and $50K+ for complex project deployments based on effort hours.