An Introduction to NetSuite Developers

At the core, NetSuite developers are individuals who use scripting to develop NetSuite. But what exactly does that mean? Let’s get a quick overview of NetSuite developers—who they are, what they do, and who would need them.

Who Are NetSuite Developers?

First, who are they? What kinds of educational backgrounds, skills, and personal aptitudes go into a NetSuite developer?

NetSuite developers, necessarily, need to be competent in JavaScript. They also need to have a grasp of how databases generally work. In addition to their competency with JavaScript, NetSuite developers are also competent in SuiteScript, NetSuite’s JavaScript-based programming language. While many NetSuite developers may have received formal degrees in fields like Information Technology, anyone who possesses the necessary skills would be perfectly adequate to do the hands-on work of the job.

In addition to these technical skills, the best NetSuite developers also have strong interpersonal and communication skills, which enable them to understand and execute the wishes of their clients. They also are detail-oriented and well organized, which are both skills that help them make efficient and effective scripts.

a NetSuite developer

What Do NetSuite Developers Do?

So, what do they do?

In a nutshell—pretty much whatever needs to be done. NetSuite developers can make NetSuite do almost anything (within reason!). Using SuiteScript, they customize things like records, fields, searches, dashboards, and advanced pdf forms. They also read and make sense of logs, troubleshoot existing SuiteScripts, and test and deploy new SuiteScripts.

In addition to the hands-on work of sripting, NetSuite developers communicate with their clients so they can best understand their clients’ needs and strategize the best ways to meet those needs.

Who Would Need a NetSuite Developer?

Who uses NetSuite developers? Pretty much any company that uses NetSuite would have use for a NetSuite developer on occasion. NetSuite developers are a major asset to businesses that want to use NetSuite to its fullest (and perhaps even, undiscovered) potential.

Why SuiteRep?

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