Running a successful business requires more than just adopting the right tools; it demands ensuring those tools operate at peak efficiency. In spite of this fact, many companies that use NetSuite are willing to settle for mediocre system performance.

Escaping Mediocre Performance

There are many reasons why optimizing NetSuite is a low priority for businesses, including things like higher-priority business tasks and limited in-house NetSuite knowledge. But what if you had a simple, streamlined path forward for supercharging your NetSuite account in 2024?

Three Areas to Focus On

Here are the three key areas that you should focus on. Gathering data on your performance in these three areas and implementing changes based on that data will elevate your NetSuite experience and drive your business forward.

1. A More Responsive NetSuite

First, you’ll want to take a close look at the responsiveness of NetSuite. What is the user experience like? What are your page load times? Smooth operations start with a seamless user experience. If you can understand the things that are slowing down the system, you can start taking steps to resolve them.

2. A More Connected NetSuite

Integration is key in today’s interconnected business landscape. So that should be another top focus as you look to supercharge your NetSuite account in 2024: how well connected is NetSuite to its integrated platforms? How fast and reliable are data transfers between NetSuite and those platforms? Maintaining data consistency and ensuring seamless operations across different systems is essential to the health and success of any business.

3. A More Stable NetSuite

And finally, the stability of NetSuite is essential. Stability is the backbone of a reliable system. When checking on the stability of your NetSuite account, you’ll want to look into workflow errors, SuiteScript glitches, and system errors. Detecting and addressing these issues proactively will help you maintain stability and data integrity in your NetSuite environment.

Recommended Performance Tools

If you want to troubleshoot these areas on your own, here are some tools we would recommend you take a look at.

Performance Details Tool

One tool that NetSuite provides to help you with this is the Performance Details tool. To access this tool, double-click the NetSuite logo in the upper left-hand corner of your NetSuite screen. You’ll be able to see things like the load time for the current page as well as whether the server, network, or client performance is most to blame for load times.

Application Performance Management (APM) SuiteApp

The APM SuiteApp is a free tool that gives you data on things like page load times, SuiteScripts, search performances, and more. The APM SuiteApp provides this data on the Performance Health Dashboard. From this dashboard, you can access links to investigate any issues in more detail. To learn more about this SuiteApp and how you can get it in your NetSuite account, check out the Application Performance Management help article.

Supercharge Your NetSuite Account

If you’re looking for a simple way to supercharge your NetSuite account in 2024, identifying and addressing your performance in these three areas is a great place to start.

The SuiteRep NetSuite Health Check

At SuiteRep, we’ve made this process even simpler for you with our comprehensive NetSuite Health Check. Our Health Check delivers actionable data on the health of your NetSuite account in each of these areas in as little as two weeks.

What You Can Expect

What can you expect from the SuiteRep NetSuite HealthCheck? We’ll start out by meeting with you to hear your top concerns. Then we’ll run diagnostics on your system, unearthing the raw data we need to understand the primary areas that need to be addressed. We’ll compile our findings into a system story, then meet with you to share our findings and recommendations. What you do with those recommendations is entirely up to you! Working with us on the Health Check does not lock you in to working with us on the results of your check—although we would certainly be happy to help.
To learn more about the SuiteRep NetSuite Health Check, take a look at our Health Check FAQs. Or schedule a call with us to learn if this is the right step for your company.


Are you ready to future-proof your operations, empower your team, and enhance your competitive edge? Check out the SuiteRep NetSuite Health Check and ensure your NetSuite account is responsive, connected, and stable as you head into 2024. Rather than just providing you with immediate fixes, we’ll make sure you have the groundwork for sustained success both for this year and beyond.