Recognizing the Need for Strong Branding

Successful businesses understand the power of having a strong brand. After all, your brand is your identity. It’s who you are and who your customers expect you to be.

But in a world full of competing brands vying for attention, it’s easy for businesses to slip off their ideal customer’s radar, simply because their brand’s voice isn’t loud enough, their identity not concrete enough. The thing about an identity is that it can never take the backseat. It should permeate everything you do. Which means, essentially, that your identity is in the details. A strong brand, then, is one that remains consistent across every aspect of your business.

So what are some ways that your business can build a stronger brand and stand out from the crowd?

Identity in the Details: Our Client’s Story

One of our clients recognized their need to present a stronger image to their customers. And they also recognized a key area where they could improve in this endeavor: their NetSuite documents.

NetSuite provides several key customer-facing documents, like sales orders, packing slips, and invoices. These documents represent key means of communication between your business and your customers. In their standard NetSuite forms, however, they scream generic. 

Nothing about the standard NetSuite documents distinguishes them from the same kinds of documents your customers might receive from other businesses. And nothing about the standard NetSuite documents speaks to quality or intentionality.

As a result, nothing about the standard documents enhances your brand.

When our client brought their concern to our attention, we could have reassured them that their NetSuite documents were appropriately branded because they already displayed their logo. But displaying a logo on these documents is a given—it doesn’t differentiate a business from the crowd.

To meet our client’s need to effectively integrate their brand with their NetSuite documents, we needed to dig a bit deeper and get creative. So, yes, our client’s logo is present on all their documents. But we also strategically incorporated their brand colors throughout their documents. We even rearranged the layout of certain information on the documents. As a result, their documents are both aesthetically pleasing while also being clear and functional.

Now, when our client sends their customers a sales order or an invoice, they are reinforcing their brand. When they ship orders, the inserted packing slip supports their identity. At every point of interaction with their customers, our client is able to stand out from the masses of similar businesses. Our client’s sales orders, packing slips, and invoices all communicate that our client is serious about both their identity and the quality of their work.

Broadening Our Perspective

Assisting our client with enhancing their branding on their NetSuite documents was a fun challenge for us. We enjoyed working with them to enhance their brand image. And as we worked with our client on this project, we realized that this is an underserved area in the broader NetSuite user community. Many companies that use NetSuite default to the standard PDF documents, simply because customizing these documents can be complicated and difficult.

Perhaps that’s your story. Maybe you see the value in having branded documents, but you aren’t willing to pay a developer for the many hours it would take to create exactly what you want from scratch.

That’s why we decided to create our NetSuite Advanced PDF Document Branding Enhancement solution bundle. We’ve already done the work of exploring the many possibilities for customizing these documents, and as a result we’re ready to quickly incorporate your unique ideas.

Are you ready to prioritize your brand, stand out to your customers, and showcase the quality of your business, simply by enhancing your NetSuite documents? Getting started is as simple as scheduling a free, no commitment call with us, which you can do right here. We look forward to serving you and enhancing your brand!


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