Have you ever been frustrated by the amount of time NetSuite takes to load a page? If you have, you’re not alone! A variety of issues can affect NetSuite system performance, and many users have experienced similar difficulties. But the good news is that when encountering a NetSuite system performance issue, you have resources available to you both to troubleshoot and to report the issue.

Troubleshooting Performance Issues

The first step in troubleshooting a performance issue is to determine the main source of the issue. You can do that by pulling up the Performance Details report on the page that has the problem. To access this report, navigate to the page in NetSuite that is taking a long time to load and, once the page has loaded, double click on the Oracle NetSuite logo in the top left corner of NetSuite. This report shows you the total amount of time (in seconds) that the page took to load. It also breaks down the effect of three key areas on the system performance: server performance, network performance, and client performance.

Server Performance

The first area that could be causing the NetSuite system performance issue is the NetSuite server. According to SuiteAnswers, “server performance is measured as the time spent processing data on a NetSuite server.” If the Performance Details window demonstrates that server performance is the main problem, there are a few things you can do to help speed up the loading time.

First, you could make sure that NetSuite automatically opens to a page other than your home dashboard. To do this, navigate to Home > Set Preferences, and choose your preferred Landing Page in the Centers & Dashboards section of the Appearance tab.

You can also adjust some things under the General tab of Set Preferences in the Optimizing NetSuite section. These changes include delaying the loading of sublists, lowering the number of rows that appear in lists segments, and lowering the number of entries that appear in dropdown lists. Making these changes will ensure that NetSuite isn’t spending too much time trying to load hordes of data that you wouldn’t necessarily need access to right away.

Network Performance

Another area that could cause loading issues is your network. According to SuiteAnswers, NetSuite determines network performance as “the time it takes for data to travel from a server at NetSuite to your computer.” If the Performance Details window demonstrates that your network is the primary culprit in slowing down a page, then you may want to use the Application Performance Management SuiteApp. This SuiteApp can help you to pinpoint the source of certain performance issues.

Client Performance

A third area that can cause loading issues is poor client performance. SuiteAnswers notes that “client performance is measured as the time it takes for your computer to display a page.” If the Performance Details window demonstrates that the loading problem is primarily with the client, then some aspect of your computer is likely to blame. For example, you may be trying to run too many applications at once, or the browser you are using may be running add-ons that are taking a lot of your computer’s resources. Some things you can do to pinpoint the issue are trying different browsers and removing certain add-ons. You could also try to open similar pages in NetSuite to see if the problem is widespread or if it affects only one area.

If your browser is the problem, then you will want to verify that you are using a browser that NetSuite supports. You also want to ensure that you have the most recent version of that browser. To learn more about browsers that NetSuite supports, check out this Help Center page.

Reporting Performance Issues

If you are not able to resolve the problem, then you may need to report the performance issue to NetSuite Customer Support. If you do report this kind of issue, be sure to include any relevant information. For example, you would want to include the browser you use, any add-ons, whether or not you use a firewall (and which one, if you do), and your computer’s public IP address. You would also want to provide NetSuite Customer Support with any relevant information you gathered from the Performance Details tool.


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