In some of our previous development blogs, we’ve been exploring NetSuite’s new SuiteCloud extension for Visual Studio Code. If you’re new to this series, check out our introduction and initial exploration to learn some of the most critical features. Today, we will finish this mini-series by explaining some remaining integral aspects of the extension that should be useful for everyday development.

Importing Files

The new SuiteCloud extension provides the ability to download SuiteScript files directly from the connected NetSuite instance. There is also an option to import objects from NetSuite (like deployment records, forms, etc.)—feel free to explore! We find the option to import files to be used more frequently in our development workflow than the option to import objects, especially since it has an option to import any associated objects along with the script files. We should note, however, that the new extension also provides the possibility to import any associated script files along with the objects. This appears to be a new feature with the extension (in contrast with the current CLI).

Deploy Project

When we deploy a project, we upload all documents in the SDF project to NetSuite. Deploying a project is the more comprehensive alternative to simply uploading a SuiteScript file. This is because the upload isn’t limited to SuiteScript files, but also includes any associated objects. If you would like to deploy both a script and the script-deployment record for example, you can use this option to deploy the entire project.

Uploading Files

The most important feature of the SuiteCloud Developer Framework is the ability to update files easily. SuiteScript developers will sometimes use this feature dozens of times each day. When you upload a file to NetSuite, the existing file will be overwritten or a new file will be created if it doesn’t already exist in the system.

How to Update Keyboard Shortcuts

Since these features are so frequently used in development, keyboard shortcuts are an incredible blessing! Visual Studio Code allows users to add or modify shortcuts for any commands in the Command Palette. To do this, simply click the settings icon next to the command.

Then click the existing keybindings to be prompted for a new keybinding.


Learning this new SuiteCloud extension for Visual Studio Code is a worthwhile endeavor. If you have never used SDF for managing your SuiteScript projects, there has never been a better opportunity! What do you think about the new extension? Have any questions? Let us know in the comment section!