In our previous tip blog, we learned about the system notes on records in NetSuite. These notes provide instant visibility into who has been working with each record, what they did to the record, and when they did it. While system notes are useful, what if you simply don’t have time to comb through every single record to check for updates? Or what if you need to know, on a regular basis, about a specific change on a specific group of records? If that’s your situation, NetSuite’s got you covered! You can achieve these goals by running a saved search on system notes.

Creating the Saved Search

Follow these simple steps to get started with your saved search on system notes.


First, navigate to Reports > Saved Searches > All Saved Searches > New. On that page, scroll down to “System Note” and select it. You will want to provide an explanatory name for your search in the Search Title field.


Next, set up the filters you need for your search. Under the Criteria subtab you will see the filter drop-down list. Some key areas that you may want to consider filtering by include the date (so you don’t get an overwhelming list of results including out-of-date content), the role of the user(s) making the changes to records, and the specific record(s) that you want to stay up-to-date on.

You have a variety of filtering options available to you. What you choose depends on the purpose of the saved search—what types of record changes do you need to be aware of? Do you need to know when specific users make changes to records? Do you simply want to track when users create new records, as opposed to when those users edit existing records? The sky may not be the actual limit when it comes to your filtering options—but it almost is! Feel free to poke around and explore the possible filters so you make sure you find the ones that provide the most streamlined and helpful results for your search.

Using the Saved Search

Once you have finished setting the filters for your search, you are ready to put your search to good use! You can save your search and run it right away, or you can save it and have the system email you the results. Depending on the relevance of the information in the saved search to you, you may want to consider adding the saved search to your dashboard so you can regularly see the updated results on the search.


We hope that learning about how to run a saved search on system notes has been helpful to you! If you would like to learn more about saved searches, check out the related posts linked below. And to receive more great NetSuite content directly in your inbox each week, be sure to subscribe below to our mailing list.