Did you know that it’s possible to minimize NetSuite portlets to improve speed?

Portlets are Important

It could be argued that portlets are one of the most helpful tools in NetSuite. Much like our modern smartphone home pages, NetSuite’s dashboard makes important information quickly accessible for users. Portlets are a kind of “widget” that can be added to show the exact data you need. From calendars to data graphs, portlets help give NetSuite users the big picture of what’s going on within the system.

Portlet Pitfalls

Too much of a good thing can become a problem, however. Some portlets can be rather resource-intensive, and using too many of these portlets can slow things down.

It is important to strive for a healthy balance in the portlet world. Too few may signify that NetSuite isn’t being used to its fullest potential. Too many may defeat the purpose of portlets, since they are only intended for the most important or high-level data insights. In addition, too many portlets may slow down the dashboard page and deter you from using it more often.

Portlet Panacea

There are two ways to reduce loading time on the dashboard page.

First, you can remove portlets that are unnecessary. Is there a portlet you haven’t used in a while? Consider removing it to declutter the page. This will also improve the loading time of the dashboard. You can remove portlets by clicking “Remove” in the portlet’s drop-down menu.

Secondly, it is also possible to minimize portlets. Some portlets may be applicable at certain times but unnecessary at others. Thankfully, one can easily minimize a portlet by clicking the “drag icon” on the top of the portlet.

Not only will minimizing portlets make your dashboard more tidy, but it will also speed up loading time. NetSuite will only spend time processing portlets that are active and not minimized.


Just like anything in NetSuite, gradual small improvements can make a significant difference. Minimizing portlets is a great way to make your dashboard more welcoming. How do you use portlets? Let us know in the comments below!