Simple problems don’t always mean simple solutions. Read how SuiteRep was able to creatively work around a problem to meet a customer’s need to edit an item on the address sublist.

The Need

One of our clients asked us if it is possible to add a field in the Address sublist on the Customer Record to specify whether the address is a shipping or a billing address. NetSuite natively has “Default Shipping” and “Default Billing” checkboxes, but these can only be used one time in the sublist. Our client wanted a way to show on multiple lines whether the address was for billing or for shipping.

Our Solution

To our knowledge, NetSuite does not yet have a way to add custom columns to the Address sublist. We had to do some exploration, but we eventually found a solution that would work.

First, we added a checkbox to the Address sub-record. This kind of custom field is allowed in NetSuite. You can also view the Address sub-record by clicking the pencil-edit icon on a line.

It is for this sub-record that we can create custom fields. But how would we display those fields on the Address sublist on the Customer record?

We decided to create a custom script to display a representation of that field in the sublist. When the user loads the record, the script sources from the checkbox value on the Address sub-record and displays the value in the sublist. And whenever the user changes the value of the sublist field in Edit Mode and saves, the script will likewise update the status of the checkbox on the Address sub-record. What initially might seem impossible is actually possible with some creativity and SuiteScripting.


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