We encounter a variety of customer needs here at SuiteRep. In this customer story, we talk about a recent request from a client to improve an existing shipping cost automation. Although your company’s needs may differ, we hope this story can give you some ideas about what is possible for NetSuite customizations.

A Script Redesign

Our client had a very unique situation. A previous developer had created an automation to calculate and set the shipping cost for transactions. There was a problem, however. The client also uses Avalara to calculate the tax total at the same time. Since both calculations were initiating at the same moment (after saving the record), the tax calculator didn’t have access to the shipping cost. The client desired that the total tax amount would include the shipping cost. Our solution was to redesign the shipping cost automation to run dynamically before the record is saved.

Compatability with Customer Portal

Another requirement was to enable the shipping cost calculation to work and display in their customer portal. The client’s intention was to allow customers to create Estimates and view previous records in NetSuite’s native Customer Portal. This was a difficult hurdle because the existing shipping-cost script didn’t have access to Item Record information in the customer portal. We came up with a plan to connect to another script in the system (a Suitelet) that had full access to information so the automation could also occur in the customer portal.


We were able to transform the automation to fulfill these requirements. The shipping cost will now dynamically calculate as a user adds or removes the items to the estimate and when the shipping method or shipping address change on a transaction record. This automation will also work across all applicable NetSuite roles, regardless of their access level. Another improvement we made was to convert the script from SuiteScript 1.0 to 2.0. This type of update can help future-proof important company automations.


SuiteRep specializes in making NetSuite precisely customized for our clients. Do you have an old automation that needs to be updated or modified? We would love to dig into the complexity and help you achieve your goal. Reach out to us for a free consultation!