The Problem

Sometimes when we are creating a Workflow, an Analytics search, or a Saved Search in NetSuite, a sublist or body field won’t show up in our list of options. This can be quite frustrating! In our experience, there is one especially common cause for this problem. We can’t guarrentee this will work in every situation, but it is something worth trying if you are feeling desperate.

A Possible Solution

We recommend checking if the field name you are looking for has been customized on the form. One of the tricky things about NetSuite is that sometimes a field that is called one thing in one place is sometimes called another somewhere else. This is because NetSuite allows for the field display names to be changed without changing the actual field name. This can make things confusing if someone has taken advantage of this feature in your system. If this is the case, you must discover what the actual field name is before being able to find it in your Workflow or search.

The best way to find the original name is to go to the page where the field name was first customized. This will show you both the old name and the new display name of the field. To do this, first navigate to any record where this field appears. For example, if this field is located on a Sales Order, find any previous Sales Order of choice. After this, hover over “customize” at the top right and click “Customize Form.” Double check that you have admin access if this option is not showing up for you.

After this, you will see the following page. If you are looking for a field at the body level, check under “Screen Fields.” If you’re looking for a sublist field, check under “Sublist Fields.” It may be helpful to search in your browser for the current name you are seeing (CMD + F for Mac, CTRL + F for Windows).

Once you find your original name, you should know what to enter in your Workflow or search!


Sometimes looks can be deceiving in NetSuite, and what appears to be the title of a field is not what the field is actually called in the eyes of NetSuite. The best thing to do to get to the bottom of such complication is to go back to the original sources. Customizing the form is a great way to do that. We hope you find this NetSuite tip helpful!