Custom Sublists

Did you know it is possible in NetSuite to create a custom sublist on a record from a Saved Search? Sublists are useful to find relevant information easily. Instead of navigating to a Saved Search each time you need to find a certain list of important data, what if you could simply scroll down to see that relevant information on the page you are viewing? In this SuiteScript tip, we will demonstrate how to add a Saved Search as a sublist on a Customer Record.

Step 1: Find/Create a Saved Search

If you already have a search in mind that you would like to turn into a sublist, you’re all set for this step. But if you would like to create a quick Saved Search just to follow along and learn, you’re certainly welcome to do that as well. In this example, we created a simple search for Sales Orders, just for illustration.

Step 2: Navigate to Sublists

This may be the most unfamiliar step in the process. Many do not know that there is a special page for creating custom sublists. This step assumes that you have access to the CUSTOMIZATION tab in the menu. To create a new sublist, simply navigate to CUSTOMIZATION >> FORMS >> SUBLISTS >> NEW.

Step 3: Create Your New Sublist

Once you have loaded this page, you now need to enter a few important specifications, including a name, ID, record type, search name, and label. If you would like to choose a sublist on the record other than Custom, you can also choose a tab the sublist will appear under. Be sure to check one of the boxes on the right to specify which entity/relationship type you are wanting the sublist to appear on. In our case, here’s what our settings will look like:


Now your Saved Search should appear as a sublist! We hope you find this NetSuite tip helpful. As always, remember to subscribe to get helpful NetSuite information to your inbox each week!