Did We Mention “Pop-ups”?

Customized pop-ups used correctly will benefit your business by streamlining processes. Have you ever stumbled on a website with lots of pop-ups? Perhaps the website bombards you with incessant ads or information that makes website nearly unusable. This is not what we have in mind when we mention “pop-ups!” Although it might be possible to display never-ending ads in the NetSuite interface, we doubt that many would find this particularly useful. What we have in mind at SuiteRep is a kind of pop-up that would transform your company’s workflow for the better.

Example Use Case

One of our clients required a certain verification before a record could be saved. If this criteria had not been met, a pop-up would occur to inform the user and prevent the record from saving.

What We Can Do With Customized Pop-ups

A particular benefit of these pop-ups in NetSuite is that they are fully supported by the NetSuite API. This means that these pop-ups will resemble the rest of the NetSuite user interface, including the theme color you have chosen for your NetSuite instance. But these Pop-ups are not limited to the NetSuite’s native looks and functionality. Custom buttons can be added to perform certain functions. HTML can also be added to these popups to display information in a uniquely helpful way. In the example below, we created a pop-up to display important information. This allows the user to verify certain information before an automation is initiated.


Although pop-ups should be used sparingly, they can prove to be helpful when certain information must be brought to the user’s attention. We would love to help make your NetSuite experience the best it can be. Check out our SuiteScript blog on creating your own custom pop-up from scratch. Leave a comment about how you use or could use a customized pop-up!

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