Lists, lists and more lists

Lists are everywhere in NetSuite and learning to navigate them is important for productivity! Genuine productivity is not limited to efficiency, but efficiency does play an important part. Efficiency is important when we desire to accomplish a specific goal in the best way possible. In this NetSuite tip, we will explore how to return to the list of records from an individual record efficiently.

Step 1: Navigate to a record list and select a record

Navigate to a record of your choice. In this example we will view our list of Sales Orders and then view a specific one.

Step 2: Select the “List” button on the top right corner

After viewing or editing your record, it is possible to return to the record list without having to navigate through the menu. Sometimes, we don’t want to have to find the right subpage in the menu to simply return to our record list. This is where the “List” button comes in handy. Regardless of where you might be, this button will easily return you to the correct list of records.


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