Do you use NetSuite? Perhaps you are one of Oracle’s 22,000 loyal customers ( Company Overview), but are you one of NetSuite’s extremely satisfied customers? There are many things NetSuite can do instantly out of the box, such as Transactions, Inventory Adjustments, or Analytics. But every company operates a little differently. Something that works well for one company might not work well for another.

Because of this reality, NetSuite has developed an ecosystem of incredible customizability through SuiteScripting. In this blog series, we will illustrate many of the common customizations SuiteRep develops for companies. Perhaps there is a customization you have been envisioning for your company. Feel free to reach out to us. SuiteRep may be able to make your vision a reality.

Splitting a Sales Order

One of the opportunities SuiteRep had was to develop a script that split a Sales Order into individual child Sales Orders. The company we were working with desired that if a Sales Order was created with multiple items, it would be divided into separate Sales Orders upon saving—each with one item. In addition to this automation, SuiteRep copied all the associated information from the original Sales Order and created a custom sublist containing links to each of the child Sales Orders.

Of course, there are many additional things that could be done with such a customization. Perhaps, for illustration, the company needed to check if a certain item had already recently been purchased by a customer and email them if so. At SuiteRep, we often develop scripts that will search for such information at a specific time (in this case, when the record was saved).


Perhaps this customization would be useful at your company. But you likely have something else in mind. Keep connected with our blog to see more common customizations in the NetSuite ecosystem. Want to talk? Feel free to email us at!

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