Today, we’re borrowing the tip from P M on Stack Overflow. I ran into this issue today where a Saved Search included a Sum column, but I didn’t want it to include the total at the bottom. The search is being exported as CSV on a regular basis to update another system, and the total row was causing an error. Now, while the error wasn’t causing anything to fail – everything was functioning correctly – an error email was being sent every time, and if you allow yourself to grow accustomed to error emails, then when a real issue come up, you won’t be paying attention when you’re really needed!

So, how do I remove that “Total” row from a summary saved search? User The Velour Frogg gives the perfect answer:

  1. Change the field you are summing (in our case, the amount field) to a Formula (Numeric) field
  2. In the formula box, enter SUM({amount}), or whatever the field id is that you’re summing
  3. Set the summary type of your result column to Maximum

Here’s a before and after of our column:



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