Shortcut button

Working efficiently is all about learning shortcuts and so today I have a simple one for NetSuite records. NetSuite does pretty well with adding little shortcuts throughout, the trick is just to know what they do and start using them regularly. Today we will focus the little square button with an arrow (highlighted below) that you may have noticed on NetSuite records before.


How it works

If you’re like me, you’ll sometimes select a customer, vendor, item, or any number of other “things” on an entry form (like a Sales Order). Next, you’ll need to get some information about that, so you’ll copy the name and put it in the Global Search bar. There’s actually a simpler way: just use the open button to the right of most select lists to go directly to the record you’ve selected. And don’t worry about the right-click, open in new tab trick – it opens in a new tab for you automatically.


It takes time to learn NetSuite and get good at it so, I hope that this microblog will help you navigate NetSuite a little faster next time you work with records!

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