The Problem with the “Add Multiple” Button

When a developer creates a custom Client Script that needs to run at the line level, then in order for the logic to run on each line, the user should enter each item line by line. This means that the user should not use the “Add Multiple” button at the line level. To prevent confusion and ensure the script works properly, you should remove the “Add Multiple” button when a script runs on the line level.

How to Remove the “Add Multiple” Button

How would you remove the “Add Multiple” Button? The process is fairly straightforward. First, navigate to Customization > Forms > Transaction Forms. On the Custom Transaction Forms page, you’ll see a list of all the transaction forms in your account. Select Edit or Customize next to the form you want to change. 

This will take you to the page where you can customize this form. On this page, you’ll see the checkbox Allow Add Multiple listed on the header level.

To remove the Add Multiple button from the form, simply unselect the checkbox Allow Add Multiple. Then, save the record and you’re good to go!


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