You’ve probably had this experience before. You’re on a record in NetSuite, and you need to locate a specific field on the record. But it’s so easy to get lost in the seemingly endless lists of tabs, sub-tabs, and sublists. Is there an easier way to find a record field? Fortunately, yes. Let’s take a look!

Finding Fields with the Expand Button

NetSuite has a special “Unrolled” (or “Expand”) button on records. Selecting this button will transform a complicated record into a long list in which all the tabs, sub-tabs, and sublists are exposed in a single view. Although this feature may make your field seem even harder to find, you can actually find fields quite quickly here when coupled with your browser’s powerful search feature.

Step 1: Expanding Your View

Once you are on the record in question (in “View” or “Edit” mode), look for a small double box icon on the right side of the record tab. After you click this button, your view will expand into a long list.

Step 2: Finding Your Field Through Search

Now that you have expanded the record, all fields are within the scope of your browser’s search. To access this search, type on your keyboard, COMMAND + F (for Mac) or CONTROL + F (for Windows). Now type in a keyword of the field you are looking for.

Step Three: Resetting Your Space

After finding your field, you can collapse the view again. To do this, click the Collapse button on the right side of one of the darker green tabs. This will help to mitigate any confusion in the future and will return the view to its normal state.


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