NetSuite’s help documentation is far from infallible, but when you’re needing help with a part of NetSuite that you aren’t too familiar with, or if you need some authoritative documentation about a module you’ve never used, NetSuite Help is the place to go.


Help Button

 One super fast way to get to the page you’re looking for is to simply click the “Help” button in the top right while you’re on the page that you need help with. So, if you want some further documentation on how exactly a Saved Search formula works, go to a Saved Search definition and click the help button – you’ll get directly to the help page you need.

Help in Global Search Menu

If you want to search the help documentation for a general topic, just use the Global Search Menu. Type “Help:” followed by the topic you’d like to search. You’ll get the “No results found” results, but just press the enter button, and you’ll be searching the help docs.

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