Shortcuts can simplify your life like you never knew, and NetSuite’s Shortcut portlet and shortcut menu option (the star icon) let you add/edit/remove what is in your shortcuts menu with ease. So, what are shortcuts? They’re quick links to pages you use every day. They can be in NetSuite or outside of NetSuite, and they’re super simple to use.

Suppose you’re always navigating to a certain page to do something in NetSuite, like creating a Sales Order or viewing all Saved Searches. You can quickly bookmark that page in your shortcuts (using what we’re calling the “simple method”) so that it’s always one click away, no matter where you are. Or, if you’re looking to link to an external page in your shortcuts, you can do that with the “advanced method” described below.

Add a Shortcut (Simple Method)

Here’s a quick Video:


  1. Navigate to the page you want to add to your shortcuts

      –  In our example, that means go to Transactions > Sales > Enter Sales Orders

2. Then, just hover over the Star icon at the top left in NetSuite and select “Add to Shortcuts”

–  You’ll be prompted to give it a name that makes sense for you and then to save the shortcut

Now, any time you want to create a Sales Order, just hover over your Shortcuts icon and select the shortcut you added.

Add a Shortcut (Advanced Method)

NetSuite Shortcuts support more than just links to NetSuite pages though. If you want to link to an external website, you can do that too, though support for that is available only on the Shortcuts Portlet.

1.   Add the Shortcuts Portlet to Your Dashboard

     –  Navigate to your Home Dashboard (or any other NetSuite dashboard you have)

     –  Select Personalize

     –  Drag and drop the Shortcuts Portlet to your dashboard

2.   Add the web link to your shortcuts

Manage All Shortcuts

If you’d like to review your shortcuts and disable some or just re-organize them, you can do that from the “Set Up Shortcuts” button.

The page will look something like this:


Just be careful not to go too crazy; it’s easier to follow the regular navigation menu than to find one shortcut in an endless list! If this post was helpful, you may also want to check out our other posts (linked below) on shortcuts. And don’t forget to subscribe to our blog to receive more great NetSuite content directly in your inbox!