Quick Navigation through Tab Shortcuts

Have you ever wondered why you sometimes see a letter underlined on a NetSuite tab or field? NetSuite is providing an easy way to identify how you can navigate to that tab or field using a keyboard shortcut. These tab shortcuts help you to speed up your navigation through relevant areas of NetSuite. When you see a tab with the letter I underlined, try pressing Alt-I (or on a Mac, control-option-I). Check out the following 30-second video demonstrating the functionality.

One additional thing: Alt-G (control-option-G) will take you to the global search wherever you are.

And there you have it! A simple method to jump quickly to the tabs you need to access. Of course, you can always just click on the correct tab–but where’s the fun in doing that? If you become accustomed to using these shortcuts, you may find that you can shave a bit of time off of your time working with each record. 


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