If your business has a warehouse, chances are you’ve run into issues with inventory management. One of the many benefits NetSuite provides is the ability to manage your inventory with minimal difficulty and stress. And one of the tools NetSuite uses to accomplish this task is the Bin Putaway Worksheet.

A Helpful Inventory Feature

Bin Putaway Worksheets enable you to print a list of items that your warehouse stocks. This feature helps you stay on top of the location of your inventory. If you have ever encountered Inventory that no one has placed in a Bin upon receipt, you may have wondered about the best way to get that inventory into the Bin location in NetSuite. Well, NetSuite has you covered! NetSuite’s “Bin Putaway Worksheet” feature allows you to easily view any inventory that your warehouse has received but not yet placed in a Bin. To open this worksheet, navigate to Transactions >> Inventory >> Bin Putaway Worksheet. From here, you can easily select the Bin to put each item into, and then you’re done!


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