Occasionally, you may find that you need to delete multiple NetSuite records from a list at the same time. Perhaps you created a set of records just for testing, or perhaps you’ve found an error in the list of records. Whatever your reason for needing to remove these records, the Inline Editor will greatly simplify and streamline the process of deleting groups of records. Let’s take a look.

The Inline Editor

To use the Inline Editor, first you’ll need to make sure the feature has been turned on in your NetSuite account. Log in as the administrator and navigate to Enable Features. You’ll find the Inline Editor feature under the Data Management section of Enable Features.

Once this feature has been enabled, navigate to a list of records. We’ll use sales orders for an example. Across the top of the list of records, you’ll see an Edit button. Selecting Edit will turn on Inline Editing for this record list.

When Inline Editing has been turned on for a record list, any editable fields on the list will have a pencil icon next to the column header. The editable fields will vary based on the type of record you are viewing. For our list of Sales Orders, only the Memo field has the pencil icon. Inline Editing also adds a “New” column to the far right of the list. Positioning your mouse over a field in this column will bring up an icon with a list of related records that you can quickly create. At the end of the list of possible new record types, you’ll see the Delete Record button. 

Obviously, to delete one record from a list of records, you would simply need to access this dropdown next to the record you wish to delete. To delete multiple NetSuite records, however, you’ll need to use an editable column, the Shift or Control key, and the Delete Record button.

Here’s how it works. Find an editable field on the list of records (like Memo for our Sales Orders). Click into the first field that you want to be deleted. Then (to delete adjacent records in the list) hold Shift and click the last record in the list that needs to be deleted. Alternatively, you could hold down the Control key to delete records that are not adjacent to each other. In that case, you will need to select each record that will be deleted.

After you have selected the records, hover your mouse over the New column next to any one of the selected records and hit Delete Record.


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