At SuiteRep, we do NetSuite customizations day in and day out, and we often find ourselves writing a Mass Update script to mass update records. But did you know that you can run Mass Updates to update some record fields without writing a single line of code? I just used this feature yesterday to update some Items that were CSV Imported but didn’t have the “Use Bins” checkbox checked.


The functionality is much more limited than what is available with a script, and many fields that you may want to update simply don’t show up, but go ahead and navigate to Lists > Mass Update > Mass Updates > General Updates and checkout what you can do with the feature. The tab you’re looking for to see what fields you can set is the “Mass Update Fields” tab. Here’s a screenshot of what you can update on the Company record.
Here are some example Mass Updates to spark some ideas for you:
1. Initiate a workflow on all matching records
2. Update the Sales Rep for all companies or open transactions that are assigned to a previously employed Sales Rep
3. Set a memo on all Transactions that meet a certain set of criterion