The Situation

One of our clients recently had a problem with a growing number of calls from customers inquiring about the status of their order. This client sometimes had items on backorder for a while, and he wanted to give his customers the ability to check their order status without having to call. Is there a way to create a sort of order tracker so these customers always know what’s going on with their orders? 

Tracking an Order Status

We were able to develop a Suitelet form for him that allows anyone to enter an order number to see the status of their order—a simple bit of functionality that provided his customer with instant, up-to-date information on their orders while reducing the call load for his staff.

The form we built, illustrated above, pulls information directly from Sales Orders, providing always up-to-date information. Since our client was tracking information from his suppliers about the status of his orders, we were able to provide his customers with some additional details, along with the basic ordered/backordered/packed/shipped information.

To make things easy for the customer, when an order is placed a link to the order status is sent to the customer’s email address on file. The customers also have the ability to view any of their other orders through the search box at the top.


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