The first part to getting started with NetSuite Development is understanding the script types. Each script type has its advantages and disadvantages. In later posts I will talk about each script type in more detail, but here is an overview.

  1. UserEvent Script: Perform actions when you load a record and when you save it.
  2. Client Script: Perform actions that are triggered by “events” on the screen when a record is loaded. Example “events” are changing a field, adding a line item, saving a line item, deleting a line item, and more that I will cover later.
  3. Scheduled Script: Perform actions on a schedule
  4. Mass Update Script: Perform the same action on a filtered set of records.
  5. Workflow Action Script: Add a custom action to a workflow process.
  6. Other more advanced Script Types are SuiteLet, RESTlet, Portlet, Map/Reduce, and Bundle Installation.

If you would like to get started with NetSuite Development, I would highly recommend following along with these posts. I am always open for questions or post recommendations, so please leave a comment below or send me a message!

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